Documentation Management Technician

Location: Olkiluoto, Finland
Estimated start date: 01.12.2020
Duration -

Position description

We are currently looking for a Documentation Management Technician for our client in Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Finland. Start of the project is as soon as possible.

Main tasks and responsibilities::

  • Issuance of the Work Order for the submittal of all commissioning documentation to the client (RFA MoM(8)(6), CI(2), CWS(4), SCI(12), SCP(13), PCP(10), etc)
  • Work flow follow-up of the commissioning documentation to be released and sent to the Client
  • Recording the test reports  (CDS(1), CRR(3), SCR(14), PCR(11), etc) in the Document Management Software (Documentum)
  • Sending the test reports to the Client through Work Orders
  • Storage and archiving of the tests reports
  • Recording the test reports in  the Test report Database in OPMS(7)
  • Checking the filling of the field: impact on the commissioning activities in OPMS for the commissioning open points listed in the test reports and filling this field if needed
  • Recording the erection and commissioning certificates (ECC(5), RFCC(9),TOTO, etc) in Documentum and sending these certificates to the Client when needed
  • Weekly review and update of the SCP Folder
  • Checking alignment of the commissioning documentation with the SCP/PCP and the RFA MoM: cancellation or removal of redundant or obsolete commissioning documentation or correction of commissioning documentation metadata if needed
  • Issuance or update of SCR
  • Support to Technical Commissioning Branch Test Analysis Engineers, in particular for the follow-up of the commissioning test report performance indicators

Expected deliverables

  • Recording of the test reports (CDS, CRR, SCR and PCR)  and the ECC and RFCC in the Document Management Software (Documentum) and in the Test report Database (TRDB)
  • Storage and archiving of the test reports (CDS, CRR, SCR, PCR)
  • Issuance of the Work Order for the sending of commissioning documentation to the Client
  • Updated SCP folder
  • Updated SCR
  • Filling of the field: impact on the commissioning activities in OPMS for the commissioning open points listed in the test reports, if needed


  • Technical Commissioning Manager
  • Documentation Control
  • Commissioning Engineers and Commissioning Branch Administrative technical officer
  • Quality Assurance Inspectors
  • System Preparation Group Engineers/ Manager
  • NI/CFS Commissioning Manager
  • Client’s Commissioning coordination Team


  • Initial training in Adminstrative Officer
  • Experience of Administrative Officer in technical environment or in Logistic and/or Transport (2 or 3 years)
  • Good IT Skills: Word, Excel, Power-Point, Access
  • Knowledge of Documentation Management  Software (Documentum or similar)
  • Good relational and communication skills,
  • Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site.
  • Ability to work in an international team
  • Aware of IT security requirements.

Language skills:

  • Fluent English required.
  • Ability with French, German or Finnish would be a plus.

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The position will be filled as soon as a suitable applicant is found.

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