Commissioning Engineer

Location: Kilpilahti, Finland
Estimated start date: 31.12.2018
Vacancy type: Fixed-term / temporary, Duration Until 31.12.2018

Position description

We are looking for Commissioning Engineer for our client in Kilpilahti, Finland. Commissioning Engineer will make the scheduling, planning and supervising in cooperation with the end client, supervisors of the client and with subcontractors regarding the releases.

As a Commissioning Engineer the tasks will include:

  • Making improvements to, and offering advice about, operational procedures
  • Planning and scheduling the part releases of the projects, including piping, instrumentation, electrical and automatization works
  • Scheduling and coordinating work to tight deadlines
  • Ensuring that equipment works to its specification
  • Investigating problems and diagnosing and repairing faults
  • Troubleshooting
  • Liaising with installation/ project engineers
  • Supervising engineering and technical staff
  • Writing reports and documentation
  • Providing technical support
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Training maintenance and operative staff where appropriate.


  • Experience in operations from control room of thermoelectric plants (combined or conventional cycles), this includes the following:

  • Experience in operation of boilers that burn fuels such as coal, gas oil and natural gas.

  • Experience in operation of steam turbines and electric generators

  • Experience in the operation of main and auxiliary equipment of water and steam systems such as feed water, condensate, high-medium and low pressure vapor.

  • Experience in the operation of fuel systems such as coal, heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil and natural gas.

  • Experience in operating auxiliary systems such as refrigeration circuits, compressed air and fire systems.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Experience especially about piping releases is important

  • Leadership and managerial skills

  • The ability to work well under pressure

  • Team working skills

  • Relevant technical expertise (for example in test, design, development and operations)

  • Good IT and analytical skills


  • Good skills in English

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The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate has been found.

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